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Our Process

Our Philosophy

Our love of golden doodles inspired us to breed the standard poodle to the golden retriever. We also breed standards to doodles. The result has been magic. We truly get the best of both breeds. Breeding is taken very seriously, and we make sure that our dogs receive the best care with vet clearance and health checks from a trusted veterinarian. The dogs and puppies are fed with healthy bodies in mind, and their food is the highest quality and contains high protein meats, vegetables, rice. It is grain free. They are given vitamins for optimal health. We consider our dogs as children as part of our family. You often find us hiking nature trails, visiting the park, and having farm play dates with our neighbors. It is our hope that you will consider your dog to be part of your family as well. We will provide you with the proper instructions on care and training to get your newest addition off to a great start. A small investment now will mean a loving and awesome pet for years to come.

Let’s Start Making Doodles of Memories!

To get started on this journey, you can either head over our litter availability page and select one of the available litters or you can fill out a general puppy application form. We have new litters quite often filling out a puppy application will secure your spot. All applications have a $500 deposit that will be deducted from the total amount of the puppy.


** The deposit will be deducted from the total amount of the puppy.