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About Us

Atlanta Doodles is a mini and standard goldendoodle breeder in the Atlanta area. We are a mother and daughter duo who have found joy in learning about raising and breeding golden doodles. We have relied on the expertise of close friends, sound medical advice, and most importantly our passion for raising dogs. These dogs are treated like family to us, and our goal is to provide you with an opportunity to feel that same love and adoration that we exhibit towards our dogs, while giving you a positive adoption experience.

Meet our Atlanta Goldendoodle and Doodle Breeders

Lauren Bishop

I fell in love with the golden doodles when my mother got sienna and stella. When she started breeding them, I got to experience how much joy and happiness it brought us and other families. My goal is to raise top quality miniature golden doodles so that families can experience this amazing breed as I have. My dogs have lots of land to run around, and I keep the living conditions of our puppy in top notch condition. All our dogs are family members and are treated as such! I do not just breed puppies and send them on their way, I spend countless hours giving love, lots of cuddles, care, cleaning after, socializing, starting house training and learning new things.

Melissa Purvis

Atlanta doodles and poodles is located south of the metro Atlanta area in the small town of Jackson, GA. I started this business because of my absolute love for dogs and puppies. My love of goldendoodles inspired me to breed the standard poodle to the golden retriever. We also breed standards to doodles.

With the help of a dear friend who has bred English golden retrievers for 15 years, I have learned how to breed dogs responsibly and lovingly. My dogs and their puppies make my life so much fun, and I love what I do!