As the mother of two fabulous new puppies I knew I had my work cut out for me in terms of training. I wanted an enticing treat to lure my new beauties into doing anything I could get them to do.

Walking into the pet store, I had no idea or clue where to start looking for the treat to do the trick. Overwhelmed with my choices I started to ask the advice of several people who were standing near by. One of the clerks came by and said “you’ve gotta try these treats made by Zukes they are the bomb and all of my customers come back for more! ” Then the lady behind me spoke up and said ” oh my goodness my dogs love those treats too!”

Well, after that great indorcement I of course brought the treats home to try. They did not disappoint! My puppies loved them, and within three days I had my 2 month old puppy sitting and shaking, by the next few days laying down on my commands! I was so blown away that I decided write this blog and share the news to my viewers!
Zukes treats come in many different flavors with added vitamins and minerals, and are grain free. Most importantly my puppies are loving the taste as well as getting a healthy treat while learning their newest tricks. Thanks Zukes!